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How much money should be on the Google Ads balance

How much money should be on the Google Ads balance
Insufficient balance on the balance of the advertising account can lead to the fact that even professional advertising campaigns will work inefficiently.
How often and how much to replenish the balance in the advertising office GoogleAds will be discussed in this article.
Assume that we have the following initial data:
  • The cost of conversion in your GoogleAds account is UAH 50.
  • there are 20 days left until the end of the month.
  • you have UAH 400 left on your balance.
Based on the data above, you can calculate the average daily budget for the period remaining until the end of the month (ie for these 20 days).
400 UAH / 20 days = 20 UAH.
With a residual daily budget of UAH 20 and a conversion cost of UAH 50, the system understands that it can only bring you 0.4 purchases per day. Therefore, so to speak, do not strain.
This budget situation can lead to the following scenarios:
  1. The system accumulates one purchase on time, tries to invest in the budget and give at least something.
  2. Waits for the lowest bid of the auction and also tries to give the result.
The saddest thing is that in a competitive niche, the implementation of these scenarios can not wait. And advertising itself works inefficiently.
In this example, to get at least some result (for example, 3 conversions per day) you need that by the end of the month the balance was 3000 UAH
20 days x UAH 50 / conversion x 3 conversions / day = UAH 3,000
If there are several companies, you need to take into account the budget needs of each of them.
Make sure you have enough money on your balance, replenish your budget on time, effective advertising and high sales.
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Author: Юрій Пирч