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Consent to the mailing

By filling out the form on our website - the User agrees to our Privacy Policy.

By leaving his contact details on our Site, the User confirms that:
  • the data entered by him (surname, name, patronymic, e-mail address, telephone number and other necessary information requested) are correct;
  • all data are provided voluntarily.
At the time of transfer of personal data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User agrees to receive information about:
  • Company services;
  • updating the list of services provided by the Company;
  • special tariffs and bonuses;
  • launch of new projects;
  • invitations to participate in webinars, workshops, lectures, etc.
The list of information that the Company may provide to the User is not exhaustive and is determined at the discretion of the company. The Company may provide information to the User in the following ways:
  • by sending a letter to the User's e-mail;
  • by sending messages to the User's phone number and through available messengers (Viber, Telegram, etc.);
  • by phone call to the User's phone number.

The User may refuse to receive information by sending a request to the e-mail address of the Company K2 or by clicking the button that provides a refusal to send, in an e-mail received from the supplier.

The User also agrees that we have the right to disclose your personal data in the following cases:

1) With your consent: in all other cases, before transferring information about you to third parties, our Company undertakes to obtain your explicit consent. For example, our Company may conduct a joint offer or tender with a third party, then we will ask you for permission to share your personal information with a third party.

2) Companies working on our behalf: we work with other companies that perform business support functions on our behalf, in connection with which your personal information may be partially disclosed. We require that such companies use the information only for the purpose of providing contractual services; they are prohibited from passing this information on to other parties in situations other than when it is necessary to provide conditional services. Examples of business support functions: fulfilling orders, executing applications, issuing prizes and bonuses, conducting customer surveys and managing information systems. We also disclose aggregated impersonal information when selecting service providers.

3) On jointly positioned or partner pages: Our Company may share information with partner companies, together with which it implements special offers and measures to promote the product on jointly positioned pages of our site. When you request personal data on such pages, you will receive a warning about the transfer of information. The Partner uses any information you provide in accordance with your own privacy statements, which you may read before providing information about yourself.

4) When transferring control of the company: Our Company reserves the right to transfer your personal data in connection with the full or partial sale or transfer of our company or its assets. When selling or transferring a business, our Company will give you the opportunity to refuse to transfer information about yourself. In some cases, this may mean that the new organization will no longer be able to provide you with services or products previously provided by our Company.

5) Law enforcement: Our Company may, without your consent, disclose personal information to third parties for any of the following reasons: to avoid violations of the law, regulations or court rulings; participation in government investigations; assistance in preventing fraud; and strengthening or protecting the rights of the Company or its subsidiaries.

All personal information that you provide for the application on our site may be changed at any time or completely removed from our database at your request.