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From the founder

From the founder

"One brand, one customer, one product" - I dreamed of creating a business on the perfect business model. And this is K2-advertising of online stores.

My name is Yuri Pirch. I am the founder of K2. Welcome to the official website of our company. I have been in online advertising since 2008. Since then, I have been setting up advertising for my own tourism business, and when I closed the tourism business, I worked as an independent internet marketer for various projects in the field of events and services (industrial exhibitions, printing, medical centers, translation agencies, dentistry).

When in 2018 I was approached by the first online store to set up advertising, I studied the latest at that time in Ukraine types of advertising, which are intended only for advertising goods. Later, a study showed that at that time 90% of online stores in Ukraine did not use this advertising, which Facebook and Google developed specifically for them. This was the impetus for the creation of a narrow company that helps businesses sell goods online.

The name K2 is associated with one of the highest peaks in the world. On the one hand, because I personally enjoy hiking in the mountains, on the other - because there is a clear parallel between the work of our team and the work of mountain guides. After all, the way we work is about:

  • confidence,
  • rest,
  • support,
  • accompaniment,
  • help,
  • care,
  • security.

We follow these principles in the group when we go to the mountains. And we follow the same principles when working with owners of online stores.

Every online store owner who comes to us for advertising goes on an exciting journey with a team of experts he can rely on and with whom he is safe and secure. The K2 team are advertising guides that will bring your business to the top of sales. Together to the top of sales!

K2 was created to be a reliable partner for entrepreneurs who sell goods online. We help sellers get more orders by setting up effective advertising correctly, which is not used by 90% of online stores in Ukraine.
Yuri Pyrch
Founder and CEO of K2
Working at K2 combined both interesting moments for me - online advertising and communication with entrepreneurs. When I help online store owners choose the right advertising or training program, I feel that I am investing my share in the company's mission - to increase sales to Ukrainian online stores. Call us - we'll talk. 😉
Working in the field of advertising for online stores, I get great pleasure from its results. The passion for marketing gradually led a professional path in this direction and gave the opportunity to acquire new knowledge. With their help it is possible to achieve pleasant work successes, and also to get acquainted with interesting businessmen - professionals of the business.
Expert in online shopping advertising
I'm interested in analyzing the situation, looking for connections and learning something new. That's why I really appreciate the coordination that takes place in our company every Tuesday. They are interesting and active. Colleagues share their situations, give useful advice and feedback. There are valuable insights and discoveries and I like openness and willingness to help the team and vice versa. It is expensive.
Head of the Department of Dancing with Tambourines
K2 is a company you want to work for. It is fascinating to work with owners of online stores, from clothes to craft meat, who have a good product and love for their business. It is very nice when you manage to bring the online store to new sales heights, give practical advice on how you can improve the result even more and build a system that generates orders stably.
Expert in online shopping advertising
First of all, it is interesting to find and build a relationship between sellers who come to K2 from different niches of ecommerce, and their buyers. The job of an internet marketer is very similar to that of a psychologist, but in business, and I like to study customer behavior and look for hooks to help bring a customer to an online store.
Expert in online shopping advertising
Admired not only for the declared values of K2, but also for how these values are embodied. That's why I'm here too. I provide the technical side of K2's activities - landings, course rooms, chatbots, design, YouTube ...
Technical specialist

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online stores that have asked to set up advertising

7000 +

conversions our customers receive from advertising per week

>2 million

hryvnias are received by our clients from advertising every week

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Our principles

1. The most ridiculous question is the unanswered question.

The K2 team is a team of experts who are always open to communication and strive to help entrepreneurs sell better online. So you can safely ask questions and wait for an expert answer.

2. Regular reports showing the effectiveness of investments

Every Thursday, without reminder, the expert responsible for your project sends you reports in a convenient format that shows the dynamics and total number of conversions (sales via shopping cart and phone calls), the cost of conversion and the share of advertising costs (DRV). It is on these metrics that you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising, not on your impressions and clicks.

3. Support above all

The first month of maintenance must be included in the settings of advertising campaigns. Many projects require longer maintenance. We agree with them on the terms of further cooperation. The result of advertising is as important for us as it is for the client. It often takes time to achieve this result. And we are ready to work to achieve it.

4. Accuracy

Little things create perfection. Neatness in work is one of the important details. The form of reporting, messages in the working chat, the structure of advertising campaigns - all performed in accordance with the standards to ensure ease and comfort in the perception of information and be more understandable.

5. We help UKRAINIAN business.

K2 has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2019 and helps Ukrainian entrepreneurs get more sales from online advertising.

Questions - Answers

1. Do you work by recalculation?

Yes, only by recalculation and work. Both with individuals and with legal entities.

2. How much money do you need for advertising?

The monthly advertising budget of one channel (for example, product campaigns in Google) should be the number of products to be advertised, multiplied by 10, but not less than 10 thousand UAH.

For example, to advertise 3.5 thousand products for product advertising on Google you need to lay 35 thousand UAH per month. If you advertise 250 products, you need to lay 10 thousand UAH per month. The same goes for Facebook.

3. Are you setting up on my accounts?

So. Advertising is set up exclusively on the client's accounts. Even if you do not have the necessary accounts, we will create them and give you the highest level of access so that they belong entirely to you.

4. Do you work with sites on Prom / Horoshop / OpenCart / WordPress / OkCMS / Tilda / Joomla / Magenta / Bitrix / recorder?

Yes, K2 has solutions for various CMS systems and writing sites to set up effective advertising and measure its results.

5. Do you have discounts?

You can get a discount in the following cases:

  • to set up advertising for the second online store (provided that for the first set up in K2),
  • if a client comes to us on your recommendation,
  • you are a member of YoungBusinessClub, Business People Club Ukraine or the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP).

We look forward to working with you

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